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Week 18 - Cup Finals

England - 2      France - 6

This hard-nosed affair saw France grind their way past England on their way to the C-Final.

Italy - 8      Greece - 6

In the night's first shocker the dormant Italians suddenly awoke to send the mighty Greeks to the D-Final and themselves to the C.

England - 16      Greece - 8

Things got weirder still as England opened up on a re-tooled Greek team, coasting to a D-Finals title.

Italy - 8    France - 6

More suprises as the C-Final not only turned out to be the night's best game but it saw Italy win 2 in a row and capture a title.

Holland - 14      Germany - 0  (Default)

The Germans were a no-show so the Italians coming off their Championship high decided to play another against Holland in this scrimmage.

Portugal - 3      Ireland - 13

Portugal were the statistical favourites coming in, but it seems nobody can stop the train that is Ireland.

Portugal - 16      Germany - 0  (Default)

Hey look the Italians are still here, subbing in once again for the Germans, but ultimately losing the B-Finals to Portugal.

Ireland - 14      Holland - 9

Somehow this half hour game ended up being a higher scoring affair than the previous week's full game.  Either way the result was the same with Ireland adding the Cup Championship to their trophy wall.  They got some help once again between the pipes, this time form Josh Francis, who may not have always looked like he knew what he was doing, but it worked.


Week 17 - Last League Night

Italy - 6      France - 15

This may not have seemed like an important match to some, but for France it was a chance to bring their record up to a respectable .500 .  With this dominant performance over Italy they have shown quite the evolution in their first season.

Greece - 15      Germany - 10

The Greeks probably would have preferred to be playing for the league title but the win here locked up third place.  This was basically a second game in a row for the Italians as they filled in for the missing Germans.

England - 13      Portugal - 24

England was hoping to get that one regulation win that has eluded them all season, but the boys from Portugal decided to show up this week.  And show up they did, nearly doubling the opponents' score in this 37 goal affair.

Holland - 5      Ireland - 9

Never before have all three weekly awards been given out in a single game, but this one surely deserved it.  This was a fast paced yet surprisingly defensive game which crowned Ireland as League Champs.  Perhaps most noteworthy of all however, was the show put on by Danny "Deko" Powers, turning shots away from every angle and establishing what many are calling the greatest goalkeeping performance in Indoor Soccer History!



Week 16

*Commissioner's Note:  The Player of the Week cannot be assigned to a single game.  Brad Synnot played in 3 games and had a lower total goals against average for the night than some teams.

Portugal - 6      Holland - 12

Portugal had a chance to play spoiler as Holland's last hurdle before the Irish, and attempt at a second league title.  Playing with a back-up keeper, who then got injured, wasn't enough to slow the Dutch.

France - 7      Greece - 6

A hard fought battle and a clash of styles.  The more style and play making oriented Greeks seemed to hit a wall against the relentless grind of the Boys in Blue.

Italy - 5      Germany - 14

The college squad once again showed no mercy against their coach and his depleted Italians.  The Germans got some help from some less familiar faces, but more than enough to put this one away.

England - 6      Ireland - 19

The young lads from England seemed frustrated with the final result against the league leaders.  However they can take some comfort in knowing that they were able to score the most goals in a single game on the red hot Fitness. 


Ogdensburg NY Tournament

The Prescott Gunners' Indoor Soccer League sent two teams to compete in the First Annual Ogdensburg NY Soccer Tournament on the weekend.  A team representing Kemptville was comprised of players from France in our league and Prescott was represented by players from Holland and Portugal.  The gym was smaller and the rules were slightly different, especially for the goalies who had significantly less room to make saves with their hands.  The Prescott team went undefeated in Round Robin play earning a top seed, while the boys from Kemptville narrowly lost their qualifying games.  The two Canadian teams, who would have preferred to meet in the finals, ended up facing off in the last Quarter-final match of the day.  This one was tight from the start as both played excellent defence, knowing each others strengths.  It remained tied for much of the match, but with about 4 minutes remaining Kemptville scored the go-ahead.  Despite peppering the net with shots Prescott couldn't get the equalizer and Kemptville held on for the 4-3 victory, the lowest scoring game of the day.  Kemptville went on to win their rough Semi Final match while Prescott went to the bars.  Kemptville went on to lose a tough one in the finals but should be congratulated for their play and representing our club/league so well abroad.


Week 15

Holland - 9      Italy - 5

What looked like a possible shut-out early on was tarnished by Italy's late flurry of goals.

Germany - 16      Italy - 8

The students/players showed no mercy against their coach in the opposite goal, especially Kian Herrmann with 11 points in his return.

Holland - 8      Greece - 2

Should have been a test for Holland, but for the seocnd game in a row they shut down the Greek attack.

Germany - 8      Greece - 9

Greece narrowly escaped after blowing a seven goal lead in the final minutes.

Portugal - 4      England - 3

Much closer than one would expect, but a very entertaining match right down to the final seconds.

Ireland - 8    England - 4

The young lads may have been tired form the previous battle, but the old boys were ready to play.

Portugal - 5      France - 3

Another close one for Portugal but some solid play keeps them undefeated in Cup.

Ireland - 9      France - 3

Although they have previously struggled in Cup, Ireland showed tonight why they're the hottest team in the league.


Week 14

Greece - 22      Italy - 8

This one started out as a 3-on-3 bout as both teams were short on players, and by halftime they were only up to 4 aside.  It didn't slow down the Greeks however as the extra space allowed them to put on a passing and scoring clinic, led by Keith Davis' 9G 4A.

Portugal - 9      Ireland - 17

Tough to pick a Game of the Week when most of them ended up being blow-outs, but this one had its moments.  Ireland jumped out to sizeable leads only to have Portugal score a flurry of goals, before the old boys pulled away for good.

Holland - 20      England - 7

Mike Todd returned against his old mates, but depsite his added talents this one was never that close.  England has been playing better as a whole but with the title in their sights Holland isn't slowing up for anyone.

Germany - 5      France - 9

It was reading week, which meant the Germans were missing several players, while France had the return of an alumni.  As is typical in a game featuring these two teams things got a little heated, but in the end France won the battle where it matters.



Week 13

*Commissioner's Note:  After several weeks of highly competitive soccer, this night was somewhat disapointing.  Let's pick things back up next week.

France - 8      England - 1

This one got emotional and physical, with a little bit of unnecessary trash talk (ie. "You take out our veteran we'll go after yours").  Both teams have lots of skill but the more composed came out on top.

Germany - 8      Portugal - 12

An interesting game that saw Portugal using a scrub keeper while the Germans lacked for subs.  Despite these handicaps the game was quite entertaining and the closest contest of the night.

Italy - 8      Ireland - 21

This was almost a one man show as Rob Hanna single handedly outscored the opponents with his 10G 2A effort.  Rob is the first repeat Player of the Night, narrowly edging out Timmy Sawyer who miraculously matched his goals with assists at 5 each.

Greece - 4     Holland - 15

This may have been the shocker of the season.  Their last match-up came down to the final seconds, and Holland has struggled in 2011, but tonight these were different teams.  Sorry Greece, not much else to say.


Week 12

Portugal - 13      Greece - 16

Although this may look like the least competitive game of the night, the Greeks trailed until the last 3 minutes.  Portugal out paced Greece to the point of exhaustion, but there was just enough left for a comeback.

Ireland - 11      France - 10

This one was turning out to be lopsided when the half time score was 7-2.  An incredible second half of soccer however brought this one close as Ireland hung on for the win in the final seconds. 

Holland - 12      Germany - 12

A first (and hopefully last) for the league, this game ended in a tie. A mis-calculation of the score presumed that Germany had won only to have a recount and discover the deadlock.  Never the less this was a back and forth affair punctuated by the German Keeper, Billy Remarkable's, onslaught of saves, including a ridiculous heel kick effort against the Commish.

England - 14      Italy - 13      (Overtime)

This was in contention for game of the night, but it was more of a series of highlights for each team rather than a full game.   The score was rarely close except for at the beginning and the end, and the OT was quick after an unfortunate goal against an otherwise stellar Eric Pattison.


Week 11

Germany - 7      Ireland - 17

This one was never in doubt.  Despite some individual efforts for Germany they were drastically outplayed and outclassed in this tilt.  A 9 point night for Tim Sawyer finally puts him ahead in the scoring race that he has dominated in the past.

Italy - 11      Holland - 13

This was an entirely different affair from their last bout, a double digit victory for the Dutch.  The Italians looked sharp and pressing for the second week in a row, while Holland once again clinged to a lead.

Greece - 12      England - 6

For the first half this was shaping up to be the shocker of the year, when England was leading by 3.  The Greeks regained consciousness in the second and  the young lads somehow ran out of gas.

France - 12      Portugal - 9

These two teams match up nicely, with similar skill sets and styles.  While Portugal has had their fair share of wins this season, France has often fell just short in many of their games, but not this night.  A great effort at all positions, the highlights are available at this link: .


Week Ten

*Commissioner's Note:  This was the league's best night of soccer this season, every game was a close contest.  Here's to several more nights like this the rest of this season.

Holland - 10      France - 9

At one time the lads on Holland were the ones that ran their opponents to exhaustion, but France turned the table this night.  A gritty, hard fought battle and a narrow victory for the Dutch.

England - 10      Germany - 9      (Shoot-out)

There are no more winless teams as England won this nail-biter in a shoot-out.  Never lacking for firepower, the key to their win may be recent acquisition John Hayman, who after two games has significantly improved this team from between the pipes.

Portugal - 15      Italy - 11

The only game to be decided by more than one goal, but the contest was much closer than the final score.  Portugal scored in spurts increasing their lead, only to have the Italians claw back several times. 

Ireland - 12      Greece - 11

Another battle of #1 versus #2, the league has been blessed with several quality matches this year.  Both squads went on scoring runs and droughts, but in the end it came down to the final seconds.  Check out the highlights at



Week Nine

Italy - 7      France - 12

The Italians continue to struggle while France capatalized, starting the new year with a win.  France really spread the ball around well but the continued solid play of Logan Davidson in net is key in every game, he scored too!

Holland - 13      Ireland - 14

How the mighty have fallen.  The dutch were taken back to school by their former mentors on Ireland, and given a lesson on the fundamentals of soccer.  One hell of a game.

England - 12      Portugal - 17

Oh what could have been!  Tied at half and leading with only minutes to play England was on the cusp of their first vistory.  Then the engine stalled and Portugal scored 7 unanswered, an improvement none the less.

Greece - 17      Germany - 8

Perhaps surprising to some this was a battle for first.  Although the Germans were missing some pieces, Greece showed why they can sit proudly alone at the top . . . for now.


Week Eight - Cup Night

*Commissioner's Note:  Unfortunately I was out of town this evening and therefore unable to observe and comment on the action.  Thanks to the Brad's for filling in as refs, but when I asked for the game descriptions I wanted one or two lines, not a verbal re-enactment of the entire night.  So for this week, only scores.

Ireland - 6      Greece - 2

Portugal - 3      Ireland - 2

Italy - 7      Greece - 8

Portugal - 7      Italy - 4

England - 5      Germany - 10

Holland - 13      England - 2

Kyle Lundy with an 11 point night, more than some teams scored.

France - 3      Germany - 4      (Shoot-out)

Holland - 4      France - 2


Week Seven

Portugal - 9      Holland - 6

There will be no repeat undefeated season for the Dutch after this beatdown.  Holland was missing some key players but Portugal's play was impressive and deserving of the win. Congrats boys.

France - 8      Greece - 13

This game was closer than the final score indicates, but teamwork and consistency from the Greeks locked up the win.  They both are hoping to improve their Cup play this week.

Italy - 12      Germany - 18

A tough one for Eric Pattison, as his two teams went head to head.  Either his goalkeeping is lacking or his coaching is superior (or maybe both), as his college players filled his net with goals.

England - 18    Ireland - 22

The best showing from the English all year, led by recent acquisition and new Captain Mike Todd.  The Irish were trying out a new keeper but managed to put enough away to seal the win.

2010 Santa Shoot-out Finals

Kyle Ryan cruised to a well deserved victory over the other finalists (Kian Herrmann, Mike Preston, and Rob Hanna) scoring on each and every one of his shots.


Week Six

Greece - 10      Italy - 4

Greece looked solid, returning to form and getting contributions across the roster.  The Italians now have a nice balance of youth and experience and may get things turned around heading into the holidays.

Ireland - 14      Portugal - 11

Missing their starting keeper meant the Irish had to start down 2 before kick-off, but
Matt Boyd was worth the cost.  Portugal's slide continues to surprise, but even more shocking was Tim Sawyer tallying more assists than goals.  Hell may have froze over.

Holland - 18      England - 7

The young lads of England received an injection of life from three new players, which will only help them down the road.  The Dutch however showed no mercy this night backed by Stone's (un)impressive .339 save percentage.

Germany - 13      France - 11

This was a great contest that could have easily been a rout.  The lads from France (James, Drake, Spencer, and Logan) were without any subs but were just a minute from the victory.  The Germans turned it on at the end to swing things back their way and steal back the win.


Week Five

France - 14      England - 2

It was a break out win for the boys in blue, whose improved team play was showcased here.  Unfortunately for the English side, the continued impressive play between the pipes  robbed them of several goals.

Germany - 12      Portugal - 11

A rivalry is developing here, but unfortunately it was marred on this night as the competition turned into confrontation.  This could have been game of the night if it hadn't been for the stupidness at the end.

Ireland - 16      Italy - 3

The Irish continued their return to form with another impressive victory this week over the increasingly dejected Italians.  Rob Hanna led the charge by doubling his season point total with an astounding 10 point effort.

Greece - 14      Holland - 16

With both teams missing key players, the anticipated clash between these two had the potential to be a let-down.  Not so, as friendships were cast aside for 60 minutes while both sides went all out for the win.


Week Four - Cup Night

Holland - 5      France - 2

The Dutch struggled early and trailed France, but a late flurry of goals iced the win.

Holland - 9      England - 1

Holland was warmed-up for this one, and took their game one frustrations out on the English.

France - 5      Germany - 4

Fast and furious this match-up is becoming quite the rivalry, with the boys of France winning this round.

England - 5      Germany - 8

The young lads from England put a scare in the Germans matching them goal for goal most of the game.

Portugal - 7      Italy - 5

Like many of the games this night, this one wasn't decided until the final minute when the Portugese pulled away.

Portugal - 4      Ireland - 2

This game had the lowest goal total and several long scoring droughts, but in the end Portugal took win #2 on the night.

Italy - 0      Greece - 7

The Greeks rolled over the tired Italians with the league's first shut-out, from back-up keeper Danny "Deko" Powers.

Ireland - 8      Greece - 3

The Irish not only handed Greece their first loss, but did so very convincingly with great team play.


Week Three

Portugal - 8      Greece - 10

A battle at the top, between the league's #1 and #2 Power Ranked squads.  The Greeks were all finesse, tallying their points through passing plays.  Portugal assualted with a power and speed game, but a stellar game by netminder/captain Matt Boyd slowed the attack and secured the win.

Ireland - 9      France - 8

Both of these teams have had tough losses in the previous weeks and were looking for their first win.  With full rosters they went toe-to-toe exchanging leads multiple times.  France pressed right up to the final whistle but the Irish managed to hold on and finish up with the elusive win.

Holland - 14      Germany - 6

The Dutch are playing some beautiful team soccer at the moment and continued to do so against the Germans.  When Germany did have scoring opportunities they took advantage, demolishing Brad Synnot's save percentage, although the keeper seemed to turn things around after a bell-ringer late in the game.

Italy - 16      England - 7

These two have struggled to field full teams, and although both had bench support for the first night they were still missing their starting keepers.  The Italians jumped out fast and early behind a determined Ean Pattison, and despite a much improved second half from England, Italy rolled to their first win.


Week Two

Germany - 15      Ireland - 11

A very back and forth affair with several lead changes, this one could have gone either way.  Eventually Germany's youth and numbers wore on the Irish, pulling them away in the last few minutes.

Italy - 6      Holland - 20

Missing some key players, including their starting keeper, the Italians were outnumbered.  In what should have been a friendly, a couple of jerks from Holland decided to pad their stats, including Brad Pettem's career high 4G and 4A game.

Greece - 18      England - 5

Missing their 2 Captains England has yet to field a full squad, but those that did play did so valiantly.  The well oiled machine that is Greece spread it around on their way to a dominating victory.

France - 9      Portugal - 13

This fast paced bout was so heated it required 2 refs to keep up with the action.  Regardless of the score this one was fun to watch as two of the younger squads gave it their all from whistle to whistle.


Week One

Holland - 12      France - 1

The score of this game was misleading on 2 fronts.  The rookies from France had a number of scoring opportunites only to be shut-out by Brad Synnot of Holland, at least until he scored on himself.

Germany - 13      England - 4

Tied at half, this one looked to be a slugfest.  The numbers game took effect in the second however and the abundant German squad, led by rookie breakout star Kian Herrmann, took control of the game finishing the depleted youngsters.

Portugal - 13      Italy - 12

Portugal  dominated early, led by some outstanding goalkeeping, but a change at that position put their win in Jeopardy.  A late charge by the Italians threatened Portugal's lead and top of the league ranking.

Greece - 15      Ireland - 13

These two squads put on a show every time they met in the 2009-10 season, and this year looks to be no different.  Both teams had only half of their players but managed to battle to the wire, with Greece pulling away in the final minute.