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Indoor Awards

The following is the list of Award Nominees and Winners for the 2010/11 Men's Indoor Season

*Winner in Red (announced April 13th)



Prescott Gunners Top Footballer

Nominees for the League's Most Valuable Player:


Rob Hanna (Ireland) - New Kid on the Block with this Old Boys squad, but he more than held his own, even keeping pace with Mr Golden Boots Sawyer himself.

Brad Synnot (Holland) - Difficult to designate this guy to one team as he was usually seen between the pipes 3 to 4 games a night.

Casey Riley (Greece) - Last years defending MVP, and although he missed a few games, he was typically the difference maker when he was around.

Wes Campeau (France) - Been a few years since we' ve seen him on a consistent basis, but as player and coach he put together and led one hell of a squad.

Alec Hussey (Portugal) -  His offensive production would have likely been much higher if he wasn't the only guy running back to play defence.

Kian Herrmann (Germany) - On pace at one point to not only win the scoring race but perhaps shatter the single season goal record, then his attendance dropped off.

Todd Valcour (Italy) - You can pair him up with anybody and plays will develop, demonstrating how he earned the nick-name "Slippery"(?).

The Suatacks (England) - This was a different team in 2011, thanks in part to the addition of the twins, Matt and Dave, making them the first co-nominated siblings (partially because I can't tell them apart).


Prescott Gunners Gentleman's Award

Nominees for the League's Most Sportsmanlike and Dedicated Player


Marty Lansbergon (Ireland) - If there is a soccer game being played Marty will be there, and he's generous too, leading the league in assissts on this goal hungry team.

Brad Craig-Pettem (Holland) - If you know Brad than there really isn't much else to say, his picture probably shows up in the dictionary next to these words.

Mark Hardy (Greece) - He works hard 100% of the time that he is on the floor, but he also unselfishly knows when to take a sub to the benefit of his team. 

Tony Camillone (France) - On a team that seemed to make more enemies than friends at times, Tony was usually first in line for the handshake and a positive remark.

Ian King (Portugal) - Perhaps less known due to his quiet presence, but on a team that struggled to fill positions Ian was often the first to step up.

Jason Smellink (Germany) - He could just as easily be in the running to represent his team as MVP, but his dedication to this team and others is what really showed.

Roy Crump (Italy) - Many players have no problem knocking an opponent on their ass, but Roy is the first person to extend a hand and apology after doing so.

Luke Henderson (England) - He would show up early, stay late, and even lend a hand at the Ref's desk, which for a Rookie is rather impressive.


Prescott Gunners Top Keeper

Nominees for the League's least desired but most respected position.


Brad Synott (Ireland and Holland) - A perennial favourite in this category, he never played fewer than 2 games a night and was the backstop for the 1st and 2nd placed teams.

Matt Boyd (Greece) - For anyone who was worried about a sophmore slump he was the Ben Rothleisberger of our League (without the allegations of course).

Logan Davidson (France) - His Goals Against was 2 shy of the league's best, and thats with missing a few games and playing on a .500 team, incredble rookie season.

Ian King/Alec Hussey (Portugal) - Not really their category but since their regular keeper made fewer than half the games these two typically filled the gloves.

Billy Reznick (Germany) - Another keeper who shared duties, but his progression over the season was notable and he stole several games for his team.

Eric Pattison (Italy) - It is difficult to get anyone to play goalie at indoor, but when no one else would step up the League's most "experienced" player admirably filled the role.

John Hayman (England) - If only he had been around since day one, but from the time he showed up he made his team better, often putting them in contention.

Danny Powers (Rent-A-Goalie) - The man played maybe 4 games between the pipes all year but they included the season's only shut-out and a League Title performance.


*Commissioner's Note:  If they didn't get their own category, any of these nominees could have easily been their team's MVP in a year that saw some truly outstanding goaltending.


Prescott Gunners Golden and Silver Boots Winners

Winners of the League's Stats for Most Goals and Most Points 


The Golden Boot - Tim Sawyer with 88 Goals

The Silver Boot - Tim Sawyer with 120 Points


*The Golden Boot was re-named "The Sawyer" a few years back because logically every year that he plays he wins.  Congrats Timmy!


Regular Season Champions

Ireland with a 12-2 Record and League Best 205 Goals For

Congratulations:  S. McCurdy; T. Sawyer; J. Klieboer; S. Martin; M. Lansbergon; R. Carr; R. Hanna; J. Francis; B. Synnot; and D. Powers


Cup Champions

"A" Final and Overal Cup Champions:  Ireland (over Holland)

"B" Final:  Portugal (over Germany)

"C" Final:  Italy (over France)

"D" Final:  England (over Greece)