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League Rules

Regular Season Rules

  • Regular season games are allotted 1 hour each, 20-25 minutes each half.
  • If tied, a 3-on-3 three minute sudden death is played, followed by a 3 player shoot-out.
  • No offsides and substitutions are made on the fly.
  • Goalies may handle the ball within the 3-point arc, and put balls into play using their hands.  They can never drop-kick.
  • Goalies can leave their arc and score goals, but only with their feet and they cannot cross half.
  • Teams may pick up players if they are short, but the opposition is awarded 1 goal for each half played by the pick-up.
  • All kicks are indirect, except for penalty shots which are taken from the top of the arc.
  • The back walls and folding walls are in play, sidelines (black lines), ceiling, baskets, stage, and stands are out of play.
  • Balls that leave the field of play are played back in by an indirect kick.  All indirect kicks require 5 feet of space.
  • If a team accumulates 5 fouls over the course of a game, the opposing team is awarded a penalty shot.
  • A player may be asked to sub out by the ref if they are being to aggressive or reckless.
  • If a yellow card is given, the player must sit out the remainder of the game and their team plays 2 minutes short-handed.
  • If a red card is given, the player must sit out a one-game suspension and their team must play 2 minutes short-handed.
  • Fines may be given to yellow/red card offenders in addition to their suspensions, at the commissioner's discretion.

Differing Cup/Play-off Rules

  • Cup games are allotted a half an hour, 20-25 minutes each, no halves.
  • If tied, a 3 player shoot-out will determine the winner.
  • Goalies may cross half during Cup games.
  • If a team accumulates 3 fouls over the course of a game, the opposing team is awarded a penalty shot.
  • Stop time will be used in the final minute should a game's score be within 2 goals.
  • All other rules apply.