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Week 12


Turtles - 7      Mouse - 19

The first game of the night saw the two basement dwellers fight it out in a hard fought game by both sides. The Mouse were propelled to victory by the much anticipated and as it turns out by no means over-hyped indoor soccer debut by Fitz Bradley. Bradley known as one of the premier shot stoppers in the league was asked to play out for the first time. And even though he showed up ten minutes late for the game, he controlled every aspect on the court. Finishing the night with 4 goals and 5 assists for a game high 9 points, Fitz is putting some pressure on once goal scoring machine Tim Sawyer for this season's OT-2 striker position. Time will tell.

X-Men – 10      Juggernauts - 11

The X-men were in tough tonite against a team of mis-fits known only as the Juggernaut. Filling in for the absent Justice League the Juggernaut played a hard-working, high skilled brand of futbol rarely seen in these parts. X-Men were lead as usual by there captain and leading Scoring Spencer Mulvaney with 1 goal and 5 assists. As the juggernaut declined to accept individual stats, stating "It is not how we were raised", not much is known about who lead this team of talented unkown men. However the final and deciding goal of the game was perhaps the greatest ever seen in the history of the Prescott Mens Indoor Soccer League. The unknown goal scorer (we'll call him..Clarke, Jamie) stole the ball at half and went in all alone on keeper Matt "I close my eyes and hope for the best" Boyd and Clarke, Jamie waited for Boyd to aggressively cut down the angle only to pull off the greatest chip shot ever seen. The ball narrowly missed graving the roof tiles and (Despite controversy) at no point touched the backboard of the overhanging basketball net and finished top cheese. The goal instantly went viral and the following quotes were seen minutes after the glorious moment. "That tops my wonder goal from the 68 World cup" Diego Maradona. Clarke, Jamie can play with me anytime, I look forward to learning from this great footballer" Lionel Messi. Greatest individual effort I have ever seen" Pele.

Samurai –  8     Masters - 6

In what could quite possibly be the best game of the season. Two of the top three teams in the league put on a show for what was actually a fairly big crowd. The was up and down at a very fast pace with both teams playing superb defence. Both keepers, Fitness and Boyd kept this game as low scoring as it was by making highlight reel saves for what seemed like every other shot of the game. Master took a half time lead of 4 -3 on the strong play of their leading scoring and resident young gun Kris Jackson (1 goal and 3 assists on the night). But the Samurai came to play in the second half and through a career high 4 goals and 5 point night by Matt Roth the Samurai took control early in the final frame. A valiant effort by the Masters in the final minutes wasn't quite enough to pull out the victory and the Samurai remains undefeated on the season.

Saints – 13      Maniacs - 9

The ref was spoiled tonite as the final game was just as good as the one previous. The Saints played there usual high intensity quick shifting style. The Maniacs, though short handed came out firing and took the early lead from the Saints. Pulling off to a 4 -1 lead before the saints closed the gap at 6 - 5 at half. At half time the Saints must have gone to the video room and checked out the tape because they came out in the second half and locked down the Maniacs and finished off the night with a comfortable win. The Saints for lead by Kenny Levere with 4 goals and 1 assist. The Maniacs spilt the scoring between Gavin Bush and Kyle Ryan recording 6 points apiece. Honorable mention goes to Danny Deko Powers for taping into the fountain of youth and playing two hard played games. He looked like he did 15 years ago ladies and gentlemen, was a treat to watch.